You’ll Find These Women On All Hen Parties

By: Rob

You’ll Find These Women On All Hen Parties

As with most types of parties from birthdays, 60th’s, stag and hen’s you’ll be inviting a big bunch of varying characters. Here are just some of the women you’ll find on a hen party. I’m pretty sure you know a couple of these.

Never Seen A Penis Woman

More than likely this woman is married with a couple of kids, so the idea she’s never seen a penis goes out the window. But ever since her little baby arrived she seems to have a different view. That or she’s plain oblivious to the sexual goings on of women her same age. The word Penis makes her gasp, and she won’t be caught dead drinking from a straw with a penis on it either. I’d be waiting eagerly for her reaction to the stripper. That alone should be worth going on the hen party alone.

Can’t Stop Taking Snaps Woman

We all know one. She’s the one that has the up to date images of your night out on Facebook and you tagged in them looking like you’ve been dragged through a ditch backwards. None of them got the seal of approval before being posted. Also she’ll be the girl with the endless Snapchat story that will have you tapping the screen violently. You’ll probably think you have a stress fracture after the amount of times you had to tap the screen.

The Spy

She’s also known as the future sister-in-law! She could be on the trip because the groom asked you to invite her and you were shocked when she actually sad yes. She clearly only said yes so she could report back to the mother-ship…The Mother-in-Law… about what you’re like on a night out, how drunk you were and if she is in fact the right woman for her darling little boy. Hopefully you do actually get on with her, which means it will be a great hen party, but just something to keep in mind. Just saying.

Little Miss Monica Geller

This could be invariably be the maid-of-honour or whoever organised the hen. She loves rules, loves planning and sticking to the plan and ensures every one has fun at the allotted times. She is the Monica from friends in your group. And if you think you don’t have one, purposely spill a drink in the bar, the first to clean it up is your girl. She won’t be able to resist the temptation.

The Diva

Her drink of choice is gin, she will bring up stupid arguments from the past, will say things like ‘I’m right aren’t I’ as she tries to make you see it her way. She is a ticking time bomb waiting for a sly comment that actually was never uttered, It was her inner monologue, before exploding into a fight with someone over nothing and you have to play peacekeeper.

The Slut

Let’s call a spade, a spade here. There is one in every group. On a hen party she’ll resemble a sex crazed lunatic set on cracking onto every guy she meets. She is also the one trying to persuade men to take of their shirt for the ‘hen’ and may at some point come back to the table holding a pair of ripped boxers. A memento of the night for the hen she’ll say. Not sure where or who she is, she’ll be at bar having shots and forgetting the order you sent her up with as she talks to a guy.


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