Winter Hen Party Ideas

By: Claire

Winter Hen Party Ideas

We can’t hide it chicks, Winter is definitely one of our favourite times of year! From all the comfy knits to the Christmas celebrations what’s not to love about this time of year! So if you’ve decided to have your hen party soon here are just a few of the Winter hen party ideas that we love!


We know cocktails are normally associated with the Summer but there are so many Winter Cocktails that you just have to incorporate into your Winter Hen Party! From the classic Mulled Wine to a yummy old fashioned and loads more. There is a winter cocktail to suit ever bride to be and her hens. And if you fancy learning how to make these delicious cocktails yourself why not take a cocktail making class, available on all our packages nationwide!

Black and Sparkles

If you are having a winter hen party why not create a winter colour scheme for all the chicks to stick to? Let the bride to be wear sparkles and the rest of the group black or something along those lines. This way the bride to be will stand out from the crowd! We just love this idea!

Fairy Lights and Decorations

We just LOVE all the decorations around the place during Winter. They just make everything that little more cheery. Whether their Halloween decorations or Christmas ones we love them all! So if you are having a self catering hen make sure to have some decorations around the place just to set the mood. And even if you are not having a self catering hen party you can still decorate the bride’s hotel room for the night. A sweet little idea but one she’ll really appreciate and definitely love!

Yummy Food!

Let’s face it the food in winter is definitely at its best! Incorporate some traditional Winter food as part of the hen party. Think cinnamon and you can’t go wrong chicks!

So if you’re having a Winter Hen Party let us know your plans we’d love to hear them!

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