The Dream Hen Party

By: Rob

The Dream Hen Party

Be honest we all day dream from time to time. At this moment in time in Ireland, any glimpse of the sun makes us slip into a trance of thinking about an actual warm sunny day in this country. It’s been cold, wet and miserable for far to long.

The same can be said for when you either start planning or book your Hen party. You start to day dream of how it will all go, who will be there, what you’ll do and so on. So this go me thinking, if money was no issue and we lived in the land of the make-believe. What would the Dream Hen Party look like for you?

I’m thinking that the dream hen party involves picking one of the world’s top party destinations, brilliant travel arrangements, high end accommodation, a list of A-list celeb friends, a celeb line up you’d like to bump into and of course who your celebrity stripper.

The Hen Party Group

Trying to decide who is going to come on a hen party can be tricky enough. Trying to make sure there’s a good dynamic and the buzz among the girls is all positive. Everyone you decide to bring will bring something special to this wild night. The 5 famous friends I’d invite would have to be Jennifer Lawrence because she looks like she knows how to party. Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler because you’ll be guaranteed some laughs. Then for a sing song and some killer dance moves later in the night Beyonce and Taylor Swift would be coming.

Kim Kardashian would be no where near this hen party as she’d obviously just try to make it about herself.

The Destination

There is so many destinations to choose from, especially when you don’t have a budget on your dream Hen. You might fancy heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Party on down Bourbon Street. Or maybe the glitz of LA or Florida my take your fancy stateside. There is always Las Vegas, which let’s be honest is probably most equipped to deal with a crazy hen party.


Damn girl, this the Dream Hen Party, we are flying wherever in our private jet. It will be fully stocked, with enough wine, prosecco and gin that would give an Irish wedding a run for its money. Obviously you wouldn’t be driving to the airport to catch your flight. The chartered helicopter will bring you and on arrival in your destination a blacked out limo will taken you to your accommodation.


Well this will be the easiest thing you’ll decide on, on your dream hen party. It might just have a different name in the location of your choice. It might be the High-Roller Suite, Presidential Suite or the penthouse suite, whatever it’s called it will come fully stocked and with it’s own personal masseur. You’ll need to unwind a small bit after a tough flight.

Celebs You’d Like To Bump In To

As you make your way throughout the hen party night you’ll probably be hoping that you’ll meet some revellers that will love to partake in your shenanigans. Imagine coming across someone like Kevin Hart, or even the Hemsworth Brothers who just want to party with your hen party for the night.

Celebrity Stripper

I asked around office for the answer to this one. The popular choice by everyone was Channing Tatum. That was mainly down to his exploits in the Magic Mike movies.

So something to ask your friends over lunch sometime. If they were organising the dream hen party:

  • Which 5 Celebs would you bring?
  • Where would you go to?
  • How would you get there?
  • What sort of place would you stay in?
  • Which Celebs would you like to run into?
  • Who would your Celebrity Stripper be?

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