The 5 Types Of Bridesmaids You’ll Need

By: Rob

The 5 Types Of Bridesmaids You’ll Need

Ok chicks let’s be honest. These girls will be your rocks, right hand women, a shoulder to cry on and some that will get you home safe the night of your hen party after one to many cocktails. Not only will they be your crew on the hen party but they’ll also be your bridesmaids.

There’s no real formula for the perfect group of friends, the ideal hen party group or even bridal party but I’m sure your friends, even as disfunctional as they can be at times will be the 5 types of bridesmaids you’ll need.

Planner Chick

I don’t even need to write that much and you already know which one of your friends is the ultimate planner. She’s that girl that you have actually said she should have her own event planning company. She’ll be your go to girl for organising an unforgettable hen party weekend, be able to advise you on selecting items for the wedding and she’ll make sure everything that is involved in getting married goes off with a hitch.

This friend is often seen with a bluetooth device in her ear and holding a clip board that also has a phone on it. She’s on par with Monica from friends but we love her because she has your best interests at heart.

Funny Chick

Oh the funny chick will be needed. She’s that girl who will accidentally or purposely get you back in the room, calm you down or cool your mini-meltdown. She knows how to break a tense atmosphere with a joke, funny story or even just have a brain fart that gets everyone in the party laughing. I know you’ve been saying you won’t get worked up on the big day, but you will and the funny chick will be there to seemingly melt those worries away.

The Party Chick

You can always count on this one to get the party started and be the one who’s still partying as the sun comes up. You already know which of your friends falls under this category. Regardless if you are on the hen party night, the wedding night or just a regular Saturday night she’ll be the first on the dancefloor and will have you all out there shortly afterwards. The party chick is also the girl to quiz about songs for a hen party playlist and a wedding playlist. This girl always seems to have a bottle of prosecco in hand, in case you run out of some bubbly.

The Social Chick

This girl will take more photos on her phone over the course of the hen party weekend and wedding day that she should really be a professional photographer. She’ll be posting pictures of the hen party weekend and big day on Facebook and Instagram that will actually feel more like she’s giving live updates of the day. However, she’ll probably have more intimate moments on her camera that you’ll love. And even though you might get a bit annoyed when she’s asking to take pictures again you’ll be delighted to have a someone documenting the entire day. She will do this expression frequently but at least she knows what Instagram filters you love.

The Chill Chick

If this girl was anymore laid back she’d be asleep. She doesn’t care much for what dress she’s wearing and if this goes with that. She’ll do whatever is needed on the big day and for the hen party weekend. She won’t complain about anything and doesn’t do drama. She is actually the voice of reason. Having her around relaxes you and makes sure you have an unforgettable wedding and hen party that’s drama free.

So do you know which of your girlfriends will be the 5 types of bridesmaids you’ll need?

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