Surprise Hen Party Gifts

By: Rob

Surprise Hen Party Gifts

So much goes into planning the hen party weekend for one of your best friends. Trying to organise who is going to get definite numbers, (harder then it sounds, there’s always one), where to go? what to do? what theme will we pick? will we even pick a theme? what hen party games will we play and do I need to pick anything up for it? And…on top of it all ladies you will at some point say ‘What am I going to wear?’.

One thing that gets overlooked sometimes is the little touches that really makes the weekend special for the bride-to-be. It’s those little touches are what will make the bride-to-be well up, make you forget the hassle you had with that girl that was coming, then not coming, then coming again, all worth it. You won’t care about that stuff as you know the bride loved it and she’d do it for you.

There are lots of things you can do to add special little touches. On of them is organising Surprise Hen Party Gifts. It’s a really thoughtful and sweet idea to ask everyone attending the hen party to bring with them a little gift and give it to her at the dinner.

It’s best to set a price limit that each person can spend on the gift, but you’ll be forgiven for straying a euro or two over. It’s often the smallest gift with the most thought put into it, that can go a long way to making the bride feel loved.

You know the bride better than we ever will, but a photo frame of you together as kids is a touching idea. Or something from the first house you shared together in college. You can always go with a few funnier options like a candy bra, a book on kama-sutra, PJ’s or even a t-shirt with both your faces on it. The possibilities are endless when choosing a gift.

Surprise Hen Party Gifts really are a fantastic hen party idea. It makes the bride feel so loved, and that you’re not just on the hen party weekend for the lash. The bride might only ever have one hen party and these little touches will leave lasting memories that you’ll all be talking about for years to come.

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