St Patrick’s Weekend Hen

By: Claire

St Patrick’s Weekend Hen

To all the chicks heading on a hen party for St Patrick’s weekend, have you realised how lucky you are! On St Patrick’s weekend it’s a known fact that everyone Irish is in a great mood (weather it’s from drink or their just happy). This makes Paddy’s Weekend one of the best times of the year to have a hen. The pubs are packed (in a good way), spirits are high and everyone is ready to party! What’s not to love! So if you’re heading off on a hen party this weekend here’s everything you need to know;

Wear Green

Wearing green on St Patrick’s Day is practically law, whether it’s a full green ensemble, some green face paint or a little green ribbon, it’s essential that you work some into your outfit some how. Why not get all the chicks some green ribbon for their hair, that way you’ll all be clearly a group without going totally over the top. Just make sure that the bride to be stands out from the crowd in some way, try convince her to wear a green garter or veil! You’ll all look brilliant!

You Must Have at Least One Green Drink

No matter where you are going throughout the day, whether it’s just the local or a bopping nightclub you have to have at least one green drink. We recommend the group all do a shot of fat frog or have a green cocktail. Don’t forget this is a perfect photo opp so have the phones at the ready!

Talk to the Locals

If you are going somewhere new for the hen party why not head into the local. Chances are there’ll be a trad session of sorts going on which will really kick the night into high gear! Why not have a chat with the locals there too, they’ll probably end up being the life of the party!

Irish Dancing

A spot of Irish dancing never went astray so why not include it as part of your St Patrick’s Weekend Hen. Whether you decide to take a class from a trained pro or you just gather all the chicks around in the club for The Seige of Ennis, a bit of Irish Dancing is a must for your St Patrick’s Weekend Hen!

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