Should Your Mother Come on The Hen

By: Claire

Should Your Mother Come on The Hen

With Mother’s Day this weekend we couldn’t help but think should your mother come on the hen? This has been a question on many brides minds for a long long time and to be honest the answer hasn’t really changed all that much. Simply put if you want her there then she should be there, this decision is 100% up to the bride to be!

Whether you get on great with your mother or if she gets on your nerves asking her to the hen party is a big deal! Sometimes it can determine how the hen party will go, what activity you will do, whether you’ll end up in a nightclub, whether there’ll be a stripper, the list goes on. So you really need to consider all these things before asking her. It’s as much for your enjoyment as it is for hers. She definitely won’t like sitting in the corner like a prune while everyone else is having fun!

What activities can you do?

There are so many activities out there that are so much fun and will keep the bride to be and her mother (and maybe mother in law) happy! One activity we just love to kick off the hen party is Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea is classy, fun and more importantly super tasty! Or if your mam doesn’t mind a little bit of cheekiness why not do a Paint a Nude class or Build a Willy. They won’t require any major effort but all the group will definitely love them!

It Could Make the Day Really Special

Having your mother on your hen party with you can be a really special experience. She was more than likely your first female influence and one of the people that you value most in the world. Sharing your last big weekend as a single woman is a big deal so your mam will more then likely be delighted to be included in that!

Invite Someone Else Her Age Too

Just to make sure that your mother doesn’t feel like the oldie among all the spring chicks invite someone else the same age to come too. Whether it’s an aunt, your mother in law or a cousin. Someone that your mam knows well enough to hold a conversation with is always a good idea.

Of course there are some drawbacks to having your mam come on your hen party. It’s possible you may not feel like you can relax and unwind as much as you should on your big weekend. If this is how you think you will feel then it’s probably best not to invite her. Having your mam on your hen though can make the night even more memorable!

If you want to make the best of both worlds why not have a mini hen party before or after the real one for the more mature group. That way you can invite your mother, mother in law and any other aunts, cousins or friends you like. Again think something classy and elegant!

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