Alcohol Free Hen

By: Claire

Alcohol Free Hen

Planning a hen party for a bride free of alcohol? No problem, you can still have just as much fun as if you were having an alcohol filled hen 😉 Alcohol Free Hen parties are becoming more and more popular in recent times and that’s no surprise. Many women are more health conscious and don’t feel the need to drink on a night out then they may have a few years ago.

So if you’ve never organised an alcohol free hen party don’t worry we have all the best tips to help you out and make the weekend one that you will never forget!



Hen Party activities certainly don’t have to have anything to do with alcohol. We know that cocktail making classes, gin tea parties and wine tasting to name a few are up there with the most popular activities you can choose. But how about an activity that doesn’t have to involve alcohol at all but is still so much fun!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is always a winner when it comes to hen party activities. This activity is perfect for groups that have a variety of different ages. Afternoon Tea doesn’t involve any alcohol but is a great way to kick off the weekend in style. Afternoon Tea also brings a touch of class to the hen party which we know you chicks just love! This activity is the perfect way for all the group to get to know each other better as well…perfect!

Roller Disco

Roller Disco is a hen party activity that just won’t work out too well if alcohol is involved. This activity is so much fun and will have all the girls in fits laughing from start to finish. There’s bound to be a few fallers along the way which makes it all the funnier.

Dance Class

Whether you decide to go for Burlesque dancing, Pole dancing, Single Ladies or any other type of dance a dance class works so well for an alcohol free hen! Dance Classes are a great way to start the hen party, not only will you pick up some killer moves for the big day but you’ll have so much fun doing it. A dance class can be personalised to suit you and the group as well by picking the song you’ll dance to…LOVE IT!



Hen party games set the tonne for the whole night and are where the banter well and truly gets going. There are so many games that you don’t need a single drop of alcohol for! Here are just a couple of our favourites for your alcohol free hen party!

Toilet Paper Game

The toilet paper game is brilliant for the hen party and doesn’t include any alcohol at all. Get all the chicks into groups giving each group a few rolls of toilet paper to create the ultimate toilet paper wedding dress. The bride to be then gets to choose the winning group after they have strutted their stuff on the cat walk.

Jenga Dares

Jenga Dares is another game where you don’t need any alcohol for it to go amazingly well! This game is really cheeky and fun and will kick off the night with a bang! Basically it is the exact same as regular Jenga but for each piece that you pull out there is a dare written on it. Each of the chicks must then complete the dare. Of course you can incorporate alcohol into this but it is definitely not needed!


Alcohol Free Hen Parties don’t sacrifice on the fun just the dreaded hangover the next day! If you want more ideas on how to plan a alcohol free hen why not email us

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