A Guide To Make The Hen Cry

By: Rob

A Guide To Make The Hen Cry

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, you know that Hen party you’ve been organising for your beloved friend. You have planned, with the help of Hen Party Central, a truly fantastic weekend that is sending the bride-to-be off into wedlock properly. After all this effort, what you want, what you really want is to see the hen cry! You didn’t misread that, you want to see her ruin some mascara on your behalf.

It’s like what they said in Friends, there’s no selfless good deed. You might be organising this hen party out of the goodness of your heart but you want to see some thanks for it. How do you measure that? With the volume of tears of gratification that she spills. You don’t want to scar the girl just leave a lasting emotional moment with her.

So here’s a guide to make the hen cry and really show how good a friend you are.

The Trusty Skype Call

We all have relatives or friends living abroad these days and with all the best will in world they probably won’t be able to make the wedding let alone the hen party. So when you arrive at your accommodation have a surprise Skype call set up with a loved one. A reason for doing this now is that she probably doesn’t have any make up on to ruin yet. I can guarantee that she’ll be over come with emotion and shed a few tears at the effort made by her loved one to get up at an un-godly hour just to wish her well on her hen party.

Say It With A Card

Women love cards, fact! The revenue Hallmark makes every year is the case and point. So use this to your advantage. Get everyone on the hen party, family etc to write a small note on a card, saying what she means to her, about their friendship, best wishes or something for the big day. Just think about all those cards and all the emotional triggers. She won’t be able to get a word out with all her crying and sniffling.

That Charming Fiancé Of Hers

Okay for the most part most men keep their feelings to themselves. Well then what you do is get onto her fiancé and get him to record a video of himself professing his love and how he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her and to enjoy the hen party. She’ll melt and you’ll have plenty of tears.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

A picture says a thousand words and all them are saying to the hen ‘cry’! I suggest getting actual photographs, not just you sitting there swiping right on you phone saying look at this. The photos could be from the holidays you’ve been on together, birthdays, nights out etc. Get all the girls to add to the collection and make an album for her. It’s a fantastic memento of the weekend and will be sure to bring on the waterworks. We recommend some form of laminate for the photo album so it doesn’t get ruined.

The Old Reliable 

If all else fails, break out the old reliable, GIN! Commonly known in most cultures as a mascara thinner. Add this to the hen and all emotional tear jerkers you’ve been doing to her will multiply by 10. This comes with a safety warning. After adding gin to the bride-to-be you may not be able to stop the tears.

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