5 Things A Bridesmaid Needs To Know

By: Rob

5 Things A Bridesmaid Needs To Know

Go you! Your best friend has just got engaged and after all the madness that ensues afterwards she has asked you to help her walk down the aisle. If this isn’t your first rodeo and could probably give Katherine Heigl a run for her money in the movie ’27 dresses’, well then let’s tell the newbies the 5 things a bridesmaid needs to know!

1. There Will Be Expenses.

This one you’d think would be a given and that the expenses of everything would begin to dawn on anyone asked to be a bridesmaid. That’s why I’m always taken off guard when someone says there are surprised by the cost as all the little bits start to add up. Keeping the costs of hen parties down is our job but the cost of the dress for the wedding, a gift, the travel costs and hotel room for the wedding and the spending money, because who in their right mind is going to have an open bar at an Irish wedding.

2. The Bride Has The Last Word On The Dress.

The bride isn’t the only one who says yes to dress. You’ll be saying yes to the dress too like it or lump it. If the bride to be is choosing the dresses then pray to whoever you believe she doesn’t pick a monstrosity of a dress that no amount of accessorising will hide. Unless it’s a van to hide behind is you accessory item.  It goes with the territory of being a bridesmaid I’m afraid.

Even if you are one of the luckier bridesmaids that get to choose their own dress, you’ll probably still be restricted by the colour, fabric and even length of the dress.

3. Crisis Management Technician.

I really hope that your first outing as a bridesmaid is smooth sailing. However be prepared for drama as emotions are high around the wedding planning and the big day itself. So a part of the job spec for the role as a bridesmaid is to be someone that the bride can vent her anger on anything to do with the wedding too! It also may involve some crisis management as the flowers might not arrive in time, there’s an issue with the transport or she might get cold feet and you have to calm her down.

4. The Hen Party Will Be Fantastic.

Ok I’m a bit biased here as I know it would be a fantastic night or weekend if HenPartyCentral organised the hen. But getting back to the point, when the hen party weekend finally rolls around and everyone meets up to celebrate the bride to be there will be so much excitement. The realisation you’re away for a weekend with your best friends, enjoying a few drinks, great activities, relaxing and making memories will have you proud to have been asked to be a bridesmaid.

5. You Might Get A Bit Teary Eyed. 

I cannot stress this enough. I’ve been to plenty of weddings and I’m always amazed that none of the bridesmaids have tissues. Even if you think you won’t cry, you probably will. You’ll have spent the whole morning getting ready to walk down the aisle. Seeing how beautiful and happy she looks. You’ll enjoy being part of that inner circle and getting to celebrate every aspect of the day with her. So make sure and have some tissues. If anything you don’t want it to run your makeup and mascara you spent ages doing earlier in the day.



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