5 Nice Ideas to Surprise the Bride to Be on the Hen Party

By: Claire

5 Nice Ideas to Surprise the Bride to Be on the Hen Party

The hen party is all about making the bride to be feel as special as possible. Let’s face it if the bride is happy everyone else is too. So to help you out with all your hen party planning we’ve come up with 5 Nice Ideas to Surprise the Bride to Be on the Hen Party. They’re guaranteed to make her laugh and cry all at once…winning combo if you ask us!  Check out our ideas below…

Daddy’s Girl

If the bride to be has a very soft spot for her dad then our Daddy’s Girl idea is the perfect way to surprise her. Ask her dad to write a short letter to his little girl explaining why he loves her and wishing her well in her upcoming marriage. Give it to the bride to be at the hen party dinner or on the way to the hen. Or if you’d prefer ask her dad to record a video message. Both will have the same effect…a sobbing (with happiness we must add) bride to be! Just make sure you get her reading or watching the message on video so she can watch it back later!

Date Night Jar

Why not surprise the bride to be with a Date Night Jar. Ask all the girls to write their ideas for a date night for the happy couple on a piece of card or paper. Once everyone has one written pop them into a decorated glass jar and present it to the bride to be on the hen party. Guaranteed her and her fiancee will never run out of a date night idea again. Be as creative as you like just make sure that it’s realistic too!

A Year of Firsts

Another brilliant way to surprise the bride to be on the hen party is with our Year of Firsts Idea. A Year of Firsts involves the lovely couple celebrating each big moment in their first year of marriage. Fill a basket with bottles of wine with handwritten tags explaining when to open each bottle. These moments could include their first fight as a married couple, their first weekend away, their first date night,anything you can think of really works. To top it all off have one bottle of champagne with the tag ‘On Your First Anniversary’. *Someone get the tissues, we’ve got crier on our hands*

Memory Box

If the bride to be is sentimental then there is nothing better then a memory box for her hen party! Get a large decorated shoe box and fill it with memories of all the good times you’ve spent together. Pictures, tickets, jewellery literally anything that brings back a good memory! Or why not create a memory box after the hen party fill it with pics of the group, receipts for shots at the bar, a momento of the activity, the restaurant menu. Again anything you can think of that will fit and will bring back the fabulous memories you’ve shared together! LOVE IT!

A Kiss Frame

A Kiss Frame is another fab way to surprise the bride to be on the hen party. Get all the girls going on the hen party to kiss a sheet of card with lipstick to leave their mark. All the chicks must then sign underneath their lip print to let the bride know which is which. Frame the card and write a short message on the back of the frame and present it to the bride to be on the big night!

These 5 nice ideas to surprise the bride to be on hen party are just a few of our favourites, there are so many more out there that are perfect for every bride to be… Just check out all our nice ideas over in our inspiration section now!

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