11 Things That Happen On An Irish Hen Party

By: Rob

11 Things That Happen On An Irish Hen Party

Ahhh an Irish Hen Party…there is just something a little bit special about one of them isn’t there girls? The different type of Irish women and locations available in Ireland give the Irish hen party a certain flavour. Even with all the possible different combinations of girls going on the hen and the location they could choose, these 11 Things That Happen On A Irish Hen Party are a given.

1. Alcohol Will Be Consumed At Any Time You Feel Suits.

It’s a hen party and this is a given. You’ll sneak one in at breakfast with a mimosa and really whenever you feel you’re losing your buzz.

2. There Will Be An Activity That Will Make Your Body Scream For Days After.

We love a good hen party activity here at HenPartyCentral and the more bizarre the better in our opinion. But we’ll put our hands up and admit we may be lacking the physical strength for some of them, the hand-eye co-ordination for others and ultimately feel like you have not been given any natural athletic ability by the big man upstairs which means you’ll be the person with all the epic fails on the day.

3. Getting Ready For The Night Out Is A Party In Itself.

Let’s be honest, most women on a hen party will admit that some of the best craic is when you are all getting ready for the actual night out in the accommodation. The bottles of wine are flowing and there are rum & coke’s a plenty, there is loads of chat, laughing, banter, reminiscing, trying on clothes, attempts to put on makeup, then removing makeup, then re-applying make up before eventually setting off 4 hours later for the big night on the town. Best to plan getting ready early and be aware that applying makeup when under the influence may not come out the way you’d like.

4. Someone Will Bring The Hen Party Accessories.

Even if the bride-to-be specifically asks not to have any hen party accessories on her hen, there will be one girl who has a secret emergency stash. We’re talking, saches, veils, inflatables and willy straws. She’ll have it tucked away in one those bottomless pits of handbags women have by the way. It will be down the bottom of the bag next to the Nutri-Bullet and spice rack. This girl will make it her mission to slowly get all these hen party items onto the bride before the end of the night. It will be like her own real life game of Buckaroo!
Hen Party with friends

5. You’ll Play The Mr & Mrs Quiz.

You’ll play this game only for one reason and one reason only. It’s to mortify and embarrass the bride-to-be. She’s on an Irish hen party. We can’t let her getting a big head and all that thinking the whole weekend is about her. Also it’s great to get some juicy details about the couples relationship as the bride to be sits there thinking…

6. There Will Be An Announcement At The Pub.

Take 5 seconds and just think which one of your group will be the girl to tell the entire bar which one of ye is getting married. The veil wasn’t an indicator at all or the bride-to-be sache. You’ll turn straight away to the barman looking for a drink.

7. And When You Turn Around You’ll Find This Has Happened.

In here attempt to get guys to kiss the bride on her last night as a free women, which the bride refused to do she took it upon herself to kiss the guys.

8. Someone Will Go Missing.

This happens on most nights out with girls in Ireland. A hen party is no different. You’ll probably find her in the corner, not far from the toilet, talking to a friend she hasn’t seen in years that she randomly met in the club. It’s Ireland and it happens alot. She’s more than likely having a drunk heart to heart and discussing how they should meet up soon, how her friendship mean so much to her and to add her on Facebook or Instagram.

She’ll never speak to this person again, and forgot the exchange when she wakes up with a banging hangover.

9. There Will Be Some Ridiculous Dancing.

I don’t know what it is with Irish hen parties, but when women get together and hit the dancefloor they seem to come up with some new and question dance moves. Totally oblivious to the fact every one around them they’ll continue to pull these shapes and will inevitably lead to even more questionable photos the next day.

10. There Will Be Tears, A Sing Song and Some Hair Holding.

When the whole hen party eventually gets back to the accommodation, the party will restart on an Irish hen party. There was probably a little bit of gin & tonic knocking about. There will be a sing song which will consist of the only 3 lines you know of the song, before swiftly moving on. Then there will be the heart to hearts, how much you love each other and how much you deserve this weekend and big day. The gin will aid the crying process and probably be the reason one of the girls is on the direct line to God when her head is down the toilet.

11. The Pictures From The Night Will Be Mind Boggling.

Even if you wake up with a reasonable hang over you’ll be of the impression that last wasn’t as messy as you thought. If you think this you’re in for a rude awakening. You’ve just jynxed yourself really. When you and the gang are all finally up and sitting around the breakfast table discussing last night and start swiping right in you camera roll in your phone. Just make sure you have something to cushion your jaw when it drops. You’ll be taken back by what ye got up to!

So there you have it. The 11 Things That Happen On An Irish Hen Party. You’ve been told, but who cares right. Enjoy one of the best nights out of your life! Hon’ the Irish Hen Party!

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