Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed In…

By: Rose

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed In…

Who knew toilet tissue could be the makings of a great hen party game. Yes you might have guessed it, it’s the Wedding Dress Game. An old reliable hen party game which is guaranteed to break the ice and get the laughter flowing. If the bride to be is into her fashion, this game is a must.

The game is simple. All you need is white toilet paper, two competitive teams and a little bit of imagination. Both teams have 5-10 minutes to create the head to toe bridal look. One person on the team is the model and the job of the team is to design the wedding dress on the model… not forgetting the ring, veil and even the flowers. Attention to detail is key to winning this game. People’s competitive sides will start to show as the creative juices start flowing.

After the 10 minute mark, the time is up. A great idea is to make a fuss over the announcement of the winner. Have a fashion show and let everybody enjoy it with some drinks. Both models from each team will walk the runway for the bride to be.

Why not get the bride to be and her bridal party to pick the winner. Line them up as the judges with score cards. Get them to show their scores out of 10 for each dress. The dress with the highest score is the winner. The bride to be will then present the winning team with a prize. 

Trust us, this game is guaranteed to get people bonding and fill the room with laughter.

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