Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

By: Rob

Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

Don’t lie girls, ye all loved going on a scavenger hunt when you were younger so why not organise your very own scavenger hunt of your own for you hen party. This is a fantastic hen party idea to get all the girls involved, get some great laughs and even better pictures.

You’ll have to use your camera phone to collect images of the items and tasks set out in the scavenger hunt. Split your group into teams, if you have the numbers, to really get some healthy competition. If not you can always do it as singles.

The team or the person with the most points wins. Here’s a little one we threw together to give you an idea.

5 points 

  • Getting a piggy back ride off a hunk of a man
  • Get a condom from a guy. He’ll probably think it’s his lucky night so let him down gently.
  • Find a guy with the same name as the groom.
  • Get a guys phone number. This will be an easy one when you’re all dolled up.
  • Get a free drink for the barman. Also don’t act like you’ve never tried it before

10 points

  • Get a guy to give you his tie. Then proceed to wear it around your head, standard really.
  • Get a picture with a guy who has a mullet. Sounds hard but there are plenty of lads out there with some dodgy haircuts at the moment.
  • Kiss the barman. Sure you might as well, especially if you got a free drink off him.
  • Get a picture with a guy who is eh…vertically challenged. Under 5’2” we think is a fair height.
  • Ask a guy with big muscles can you touch them and then flex.

15 points

  • Make a public toast about the bride.
  • Get a picture with a Garda or Police. Make sure it’s not a mug shot or you being dragged away in the squad car.
  • Get asked for your ID. There is bound to be one girl in your group who always gets asked, with her little baby face.
  • Take a picture with another hen or stag party. Not to difficult if you go to a popular hen or stag party destination.
  • Ask a guy to marry you. Possibly leave the bride out of this one, she’s already taken.

20 points

  • Use the Men’s Bathroom. It will be a shorter queue at least.
  • Get a handsome guy to give the bride-to-be a sexy lap dance.
  • Sing a song in the middle of the dancefloor. Perfect during the day when a bar might be quiet.
  • Go into the toilet and make a veil out of toilet paper and walk back out.
  • Get carried to the bar and back with your drink in hand of course.

So do you think you’ll be able to complete the entire scavenger hunt?

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