Garter Toss

By: Claire

Garter Toss

We all know how to play ring toss from when we were little but how about playing Garter Toss for your hen party! This game is different to the garter toss that the groom will be enacting on the big day.

Split up the hen party group into teams of 2 or 3, giving each group a garter each. The aim of the game is to get the garter to land around a bottle of prosecco or bubbly about 3 metres away. The group that gets the garter around the bottle the most amount of times in a minute wins. Or give each of the girls 3 tries and the team that gets the garter around the most times wins. To keep things interesting the winning team gets a bottle of bubbly!

This hen party game is particularly great for a garden hen party. Team it with a few more games and you have the perfect send off for the bride to be!

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