Do You Really Know The Bride

By: Rob

Do You Really Know The Bride

A lot of people during the whole hen party planning process will claim that they really know the bride. They’ve known them the longest, or have been through the most with them and know exactly what they like or dislike. So why not put them to the test with the ‘Do You Really Know The Bride’ hen party game.

It’s a very simple quick fire hen party game that will see how well you really know the bride. We’ve put together a few questions to get you started. The bride will answer them firstly. Then set the guests a time limit to answer all the questions and hand all the girls a the sheet to answer them.

So here we go, get the timer ready and see how quickly you can answer these questions.

  1. Salty or Sweet
  2. Diamonds or Pearls
  3. Introvert or Extrovert
  4. Tracksuits or Dresses
  5. Books or Movies
  6. Night Owl or Early Riser
  7. Red Wine or White Wine
  8. Plain Food or Spicy Food
  9. Leonardo Di Caprio or Ryan Gosling
  10. Lip Gloss or Lipstick
  11. Maverick or Rule Keeper
  12. Coffee or Tea
  13. Vintage or Old
  14. Optimist or Pessimist
  15. Spring or Summer or Autum or Winter
  16. Texting or Calling
  17. Instagram or Pinterest
  18. Home cooked or Takeaway

Be sure to add in a few more trickier questions that are specific to the bride to be. It is her hen party and all, and you do know her better than we do. Another option is also to gather all the girls in a circle and ask them questions out loud to them one after another. This will lead to more quick fire answers and maybe a slip up or too.

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