Dice Game

By: Avril

Dice Game

The dice game is a fun hen party game and a great way to start the night off with a few drinks.

All you need to play this game is six shot glasses and a dice. Place the six shot glasses on the table that is being used for the game. Get the first girl (player 1) to roll the dice, whatever number she rolls she then fills the corresponding shot glass. For example if she rolls a 5 then she fills shot glass 5. The second girl (player 2) then rolls the dice, if she rolls a different number to player 1 then she fills that shot glass, if she rolls a 5 however she must drink the shot that player 1 filled. Basically, whoever rolls the dice either drinks a shot or fills a shot glass depending on the number rolled!

It’s lots of fun and a great way to start the hen party off with a few small drinks!

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