Date Night Jar

By: Avril

Date Night Jar

A hen party date night jar is a thoughtful gift to give the bride to be on her hen party night.

All you need is a nice jar, some pretty coloured paper and a pen. You can also decorate the jar if you want. Get some string or a ribbon and make a bow around the top of the jar. You can write on the jar and decorate it any way you like. The more personal you make it the better, even a photograph of you and the bride to be on the front of the jar is a really nice idea.

Get all the girls to write an activity or something fun and enjoyable on a piece of paper that the couple can do every week after the wedding is over. It’s a nice way to make sure the couple are spending quality time together in the weeks after their wedding. It’s also a thoughtful way of including the groom. Some ideas that we think are enjoyable are to head to the beach, go to a carnival, cook a meal together, go wine tasting or even have a picnic together.

You can give her the gift at the dinner the night of her hen party. It’s a really nice idea as a keepsake from the hen party and she will be constantly reminded of a great night every time she takes a piece of paper from the jar!

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