Dancing Hens

By: Rose

Dancing Hens

A game guaranteed to break the ice at the start of the hen party. It is always nice to incorporate some of the hobbies of the bride to be into the party and this is a perfect game if the she loves to dance.

To prepare for this game before the hen party, all you have to do is pick a song. When deciding on a song, be sure to pick one the bride to be loves and also one that suits the theme of the hen party.

Turn on the music and get everybody up on their feet. Organise the hens into a circle. Ask the first person to go into the middle and do a simple dance move. Everybody then copies the dance move. Of course, the funnier the dance move the better!

Ideas of moves:

Hands in the air

Shaking the hips

Irish Dance

Drop it low

Shake your booty

The next person goes in and does another move which is the second dance move. As each person goes in, they add the next move to the dance. By the time the last person goes into the circle you will have a dance routine made.

Then at the wedding the bride and hens can reminisce over the hen party and get on the dance floor to have some fun trying to remember the dance routine together!

A perfect game which will help to break the ice, while also getting everybody on the dancefloor at the start of the night!

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