Couples Recipe

By: Avril

Couples Recipe

A couples recipe is a lovely gift to give the bride to be on her hen party.

All you need is a scrapbook and some creative minds! Fill the scrapbook with different recipes for love created by the girls at the hen party. You can decorate the book and do the recipes in really nice font so that it will be a beautiful keepsake from the hen party. Here’s one we put together to start you off!


1 spoon of consideration

A small pinch of in-laws

2 cups of praise

A dash of blindness to the others faults

1 cup of trust

1 galon of patience

Remove any specks of jealousy. Blend well and sweeten with generous portions of hugs. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness, combine with laughter and don’t forget to flavour with positivity! Finally, sprinkle with kisses and bake with love!

This a lovely gift for the bride to be to look back on when she opens a scrapbook full of recipes for love from her closest friends and family.

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