Chewing Gum Game

By: Claire

Chewing Gum Game

Our Chewing Gum Game is a great way to kick off the hen party and a fab twist on the usual Mr and Mrs Game! We just love this game because it is so easy to organise and can be played anywhere!

Prepare a list of questions in advance of the hen and ask the groom to answer them. All the questions are either about the groom or about the couples relationship eg What’s his favourite song?, What date did he propose? etc. On the hen party ask the bride to be all of these questions the aim of the game is for the bride to have the same answers as the groom. For every question that the bride to be gets wrong she has to start chewing a new piece of gum. The more she gets wrong, the fuller her mouth gets, the funnier the game. So if you want a good laugh try to make the questions a little harder!

This game is hilarious and a definite must for a hen party!

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