Barbie Girl Theme

By: Claire

Barbie Girl Theme

Is the bride to be a real life Barbie or does she just love the doll? If so our Barbie Girl Theme could be perfect for her hen party! Lets face it, at one point or another all of us probably loved Barbie’s so this theme is guaranteed to bring back some amazing memories.

Decoration Ideas;

  • Pink is obviously a must for the Barbie Girl Theme (don’t go too overboard though, throw in some gold, black and white too)
  • Balloons and flowers are a big yes for this theme
  • Create a Barbie box out of cardboard and paint it to look like the real thing! (Make sure to get loads of photo’s with it)
  • Create a barbie girl cake, all you need is a doll and your cake ingredients. (There are loads of tutorials on YouTube ladies or just take the easy option and buy one)

 Activity Ideas;

  • Afternoon Tea is a clear choice for a Barbie Girl Theme! Classy, feminine and sweet, perfect for this theme!
  • Or why not go for a cocktail making class. Tell them you’re having a Barbie Girl Theme so they can tailor the cocktails just for you.
  • A dance class is also a fab option for this theme, think learning all the best moves to Aqua’s Barbie Girl!

Outfit Ideas;

  • Again pink should be incorporated into everyone’s outfit on the hen!
  • A white or pink tutu will be great for the bride to be
  • You could also get t-shirts printed with the Barbie logo and personalised ‘Sarah’s Barbie Girl Hen’ in the Barbie font.

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