A Year Of Firsts

By: Claire

A Year of Firsts

A Year of Firsts is such an amazing gift for the bride and groom to be! It can be hard to find the perfect gift that you know both the bride and groom will love, but this is a definite winner.

A Year of Firsts marks all the big occasions in the couples first year of married life. Simply fill a hamper with bottles of wine, champagne or liquor for each of these moments.

Occasions like their first Valentines Day, their first fight, their first Anniversary etc. Fill the hamper with as many bottles as you like but we would recommend five or more chicks.

If you want to add an extra touch of elegance why not add a label to each of the bottles describing what they all are for. Decorate the basket with ribbon and include a note with your best wishes for the couple, they’ll LOVE it!

If you know the bride and groom aren’t big drinkers why not fill the hamper with something else? A box of chocolates, or something you know they’ll love. Just be sure that you choose something that won’t spoil in the hamper for the year.

A Year of Firsts is so simple to create and you are guaranteed the happy couple will love it!

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