A Video Screening

By: Rose

A Video Screening

All good hen parties should place the focus on the bride to be. It’s her big night before she gets married! A hen party is all about the bride. Some of the hens at the party are childhood friends, some college friends and some are family. Each person has memories with the bride. Why not capture these memories in a personal video for the bride to be.

Before the hen party, gather those memories into a video. The video can consist of pictures, friends sharing their memories, everybody wishing her well and much more. It is also a great idea to include people who could not make it to the hen – family and friends living abroad. Get them to send you a video clip of them wishing her well. It’s nice to include everyone and she will be delighted to see people from far away on her hen night.

The next step is to edit the video to tell a story of her life. Starting with when she was a baby to school days and finishing up with meeting the love of her life. It may gather a few happy tears as she looks back on her happy memories but it will be a video she will cherish forever  

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