A Memory Box

By: Rose

A Memory Box

Everybody at the hen party is there because of their friendship with the bride to be. Each person at the hen party has memories they have shared with her. Memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes it is nice to share those memories at the hen party and have a little time to look back on the good times together.

This hen party game is all about showcasing those memories and remembering the happy times. The idea is that everybody brings a gift for the bride to be. It’s not an expensive gift but a gift which showcases a memory of their friendship together. It can be something as simple as a poem, a handmade gift, an old concert ticket or even a friendship quote. The more creative the present, the better. Something that reminds them of happy times with the bride to be.

All the presents are placed in a memory box and the bride to be must guess who gave her each present. You could even have an individual photo of everybody at the hen spread out on a table and let the bride to be go through the memory box and start to place the present next to the photo of the person she thinks gave it to her until she comes to the end of the box. 

This is a game guaranteed to fill the room with laughter and even a few happy tears as everybody reminisces about the good times. Memories are forever.

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