A good old fashioned table quiz

By: Rose

A good old fashioned table quiz…

Stepping back in time with a good old fashioned table quiz. Everybody is at the hen because of their friendship with the bride to be but the question is how well do they really know her? Do they know where she met her groom? Do they know her most embarrassing moments? This is a fun game and does exactly what a hen party should do – it brings back all the focus onto the bride and of course her groom!

Similar to the Mr & Mrs game but this time it’s turned to the friends of the bride to be. Spend some time putting together a group of funny and entertaining questions about the bride to be. Be sure to add in some hard questions as getting the answers wrong makes it even funnier.

The next step is to split the hen party into 4 small teams. Get each team to write down their answers to the questions. This is a game that is sure to bring out people’s competitive sides. Get the teams to say their answers to each question out loud and then allow the bride to be to give the actual answers. The reactions will be priceless.

Sample Questions:

Where did the bride and groom meet?

Who was the bride’s first kiss?

Who is the bride’s celebrity crush?


You can have a prize for lots of different areas… overall winners, worst answer, rudest answer, funniest answer etc.

This is a game guaranteed to break the ice for people who mightn’t know each other, while also filling the room with laughter.


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