A Farmer’s Wife

By: Rob

A Farmer’s Wife

This is a theme you may have a giggle at but it might just fit your bride to be. This is most definitely a theme which will bring lots of fun and laughter along with it. A theme that many people can relate to growing up. This is a theme that is even more appropriate if the bride to be is actually marrying a farmer.

Move the hen party to a farm and teach the bride to be how to be a traditional farmer’s wife! You can let your imagination flow and even come up with ideas throughout the hen party to show the bride to be how to be a good wife!

Style: Overalls, wellies, apron, wooden spoon, hair rollers… the list is endless.

Decoration Ideas:

  • As all the hens arrive, you could give them all a pair of hen party wellies.
  • Decorate with old milk bottles and flowers
  • Use colourful wellies to decorate
  • Colourful lanterns
  • Use hay bales to decorate
  • Have the hen party on a farm!
  • Decorate an old tractor with fairy lights

Activity Ideas:

  • Line Dancing
  • Milking the cows!
  • A muddy obstacle course
  • Baking class
  • Herding the cows
  • A tractor ride
  • A traditional picnic outside with homemade baking

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